Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yellow Week

Yellow Week was loads of fun as we celebrated everything bright in the world. Walter said the sun was yellow. Talli said baby ducks were, too. Brooklyn remembered daffodils from our yellow song and Tanner, lemonade, Katelyn, scrambled eggs and Londynn, a happy face. Jace said bees were yellow and Trey named a lion. Davis thought of a giraffe. Isla said light. Mason D. noticed that even our preschool shirts were yellow and Karina thought of a school bus.

We sang about yellow, twirled around and spelled it, too. I think the best part about yellow this year is our bright yellow preschool shirts, all showing up, lining in a row or clustering on the carpet squares, looking so darling together. Yellow never looked better!

We learned about letter Oo and the sound he loves to make when going to the dentist. Ask your child to explain about that. I hope you get a full report!

We talked about the shape of letter Oo and discovered a circle. Our number this week was 6 and the children had fun watching Mrs. McClure keep a hoola-hoop in motion. Being a nice plump granny, I had to use my neck, but there are some things that only 4 year olds are allowed to witness in preschool and that, my friends, is one of them. Ha! Six looks like a hoola-hoop!

Go around the curb
and in a loop!
Six looks like a hoola-hoop!

We had great fun painting a yellow octopus with all it’s arms. The children did a great job. They were so cute.

We had a second octopus day on Wednesday, making an octopus puppet, and we especially had fun rolling out eight legs and a big head to make a pretzel octopus, too. Children this age love to sink their hands into a good blob of dough almost as much as I do. 

The octopuses were adorable and everyone was so proud of what they had created and what each had become after baking. This was the first year that I have ever attempted to make octopus, especially with so many. 

I heard about this idea in the summer and I have been thinking about it ever since. I just had to try it. Oh, we had great fun. I wasn’t sure we could get them all done in time, but wha-lah! We did it. Admittedly, we could not have done it without our dear, amazing Miss Kristin and Jaxson’s mom, Kelsey, and our student helper, Brittley, also helped, making it easy as pie! Thanks so much!

Thursday, we cut lots of circles and created an owl, the first of many Halloween decorations for your holiday pleasures. I am simply thrilled with how well these children are managing their scissors and cutting exactly on a line. They are making great progress.

September is rapidly coming to a close and Halloween is about to explode with black cats, and black hats and creepy black bats. Not hard to guess that next week is Black Week. We are very excited for the children to walk into a newly decorated room with Halloween fun everywhere.

We have been receiving lots of collectables for school. I thank you for those. They are invaluable for our projects. I feel to clarify the milk boxes on the list. I am seeking the large boxes that house two jugs full of milk from Costco or Sam’s, not the half-gallon milk boxes with the screw top. Thank you so much.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, now that the weather is cooling a bit. The children especially loved a longer recess time. The cooler breeze was a delight and the children seemed to feel it, too, as they exploded with squeals and screams we had not the chance to witness until now. Aaaaaah! Maybe they were just rehearsing the sound of letter Oo! Ha! A nice thought, but I think not! Gotta love em, it’s in the contract! Until Monday! Wear black!

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