Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shamrock Week

Shamrock Week was fun. We talked about leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold and Sh words…shark, sheep, ship. The children found ‘shed’ and ‘shining’ as we sang, America, The Beautiful. I pointed to a hanging felt pot with shamrock cut outs and asked the children if anyone knew what they were. “Butterflies?” No. “Fish?” No. Avery said, “Mosquitos!” No. It starts with an Sh. Gracia shouted, “Shlo-vers!” Too funny!

Wednesday, we made a leprechaun puppet. Navy E. walked in to see our example hanging and said, “So, it looks like we are making clowns today!” Yah, green ones! Ha!

The next day, she walked in to see the word game with students cutting out shamrocks. She announced, “It’s a good thing I came so I could help them (pointing to some of the younger kids in class) read their words!” And she did, helping many students read after reading her own game. What would we do without Navy??? Navy has read over 100 books so far. She is a rock star. Several say they are going to beat her, but that remains to be seen.

We have been making lots of time for reading games. The kids are really starting to get it. The more we play, the better they get. And their team choices!!! So fun! Wolves vrs Dragons,11-6. Carpets vrs Rainbows, 11-9. Pinchers vrs Cupcakes, 10-7 and Horses vrs Wellidies, 6-3. Today, it was The Ducks vrs The Mares, 6-4 and The Baths vrs The Guns, 9-7. Trig, on the Bath team said, “Let’s see if we’re gunna wash those people!” And they did! Fun stuff!

Mrs. Walters:  “Have you noticed how Kohl calls you, Mrs. McCooler and Preston calls me Mr. Walters? Everytime!”
“Yes, ha, ha! But have you noticed how Kohl calls Hendrix, Hamrich? Everytime!” Funny, everytime!

Next week is Spring Break. We will not have school all week. Have a great time with your families. From the sound of things, many are hitting the west coast. Be safe!

School will resume on March 19th. See you all then. We love your children.

Much love and devotion,

Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters

{Ll}ion Week

Ll Week was loads of fun learning about lions. We also read a fun book about a lion who lost his mane. It was a great story. We sang all our names with letter L and laughed when Jace and Grace turning into Lace. We went on a lion hunt and raced all the way back; through the mosquitoes, over the mountain, across the lake, through the grass and everywhere else you could imagine. We also had fun taking turns rolling a large dice and writing a numeral on the board. The number poems are really paying off. The children have gotten so good at this. I can even recognize them now! Ha!

The children are also getting so much better on their letters and sounds. I think we will be passing out many more reading folders on Monday. Great job to all those that are taking time to listen to their child read. It is a tedious, tiresome job, but necessary. Hang in there!!!

Here is the laugh of the week.
Teacher: While spraying air freshener, “No more tooting allowed!” Children pointing: “It was Him!”
Teacher: “Go sit in the back so we don’t have to smell you!”
Stinky child grinning: “Okay!”
For some reason, when they are this age, this appears to be the funniest thing they can think of doing in class, inspiring themselves to think to be the best comedian in the world.
A seat in the back of class is my only weapon! Help!

There you have it! See you next week for letter Kk.

Much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Letter Jj and Valentines party!

    We celebrated letter Jj with jellybeans.  Sorting all those colorful beans challenged our counting and graphing skills in a new and fun way. The children loved the exercise. Delicious!

Our Valentines Day Party was so great. The children loved frosting Miss Connie’s famous cookies and choosing a fun sprinkle for the top. While anxiously shaking his sprinkles on, Kohl exclaimed, “It’s going to taste like butterflies coming out with sparkles!” Everything is ‘to the roof’ with that boy! We love the things he says. We had a great time passing out and collecting our valentines. We all felt so loved, especially Mrs. Walters and I. We thank everyone that made us feel so special. The children especially loved playing valentine bingo and collecting prizes. It was great fun to watch them yell, “BINGO!” They loved springing from their chair to dig through the tub of treasures! Such a fun day!

Our readers are off to a great start. Our top reader is up into the forties, so far, with several close on her heels! Great job, readers! Our reading game was fierce this week! The Shark Killers beat the Sharks, 7-6! Jace chose their team name, “If they are the Sharks, we wanna be the Shark Killers!” And they did! Ha!

I’m trying to keep this short. My daughter neglected to read her preschool email, “Mom! They are so long!” and missed the memo about boys’ Show-n-Tell for Thursday. I’m not sure she has recovered from her son blasting her, “Mom! You’re a liar! IT WAS SHOW-N-TELL!” Ha! I know these can get lengthy, but there is great info for the taking here!

President’s Day is Monday. No school. See you all on Wednesday. Have a nice long weekend.

Much love to all,
Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Letter Vv

Letter Vv and Valentine week was fun, especially the heart guy we sent home today. The children did a great job of matching the gloves and the shoes with colors and patterns. We made a valentine holder earlier in the week and put lots of heart stickers on them. Eli said, while peeling the back of several big hearts, “I have a sticky situation here!” We used that line the rest of the week. Ha! Mason said he was going to make his like a demolition derby! Trig was so excited at the thought, he said,  “I’m going to put my hearts all over the city! I mean, my valentine holder!” Cute boy!

We sorted and counted candy hearts and played several reading/ sound-blending games. The Spideys beat the Meanies, 10-9, the Scorpions beat the Great Whites, 9-4, and the Poisons beat the Fighters, 6-4. Each time we play, the children care more and more about the win and reading words for points, because the winners get to line up first for treats. That seems to be a significant prize for them! I love finding their hot button!

Next week is Jj week. We will sort and graph some jellybeans and break on the 14th, Wednesday, for our Valentine Party. Please have your child bring 24 signed valentines to pass out and share with everyone. We will frost a valentine cookie and play valentine bingo. Their excitement is mounting! Lincoln has his own excitement a brewing, “Hey! You’d better plan something quick because after Easter, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!” Ha, ha!

Have a great weekend. See you back on Monday.

Much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure

Mrs. Walters

Letter Uu

The groundhog emerged this morning with the prediction of six weeks more winter, as he definitely saw his shadow. This is sure to be a surprise to many of the preschoolers in our school, as most in both classes were certain that he would not, voting that it would be an early spring. With no snow in sight, a vote for warmer weather makes perfect sense, especially for a 4 year old. I hope your child was anxious to see the news. We had a great time talking and celebrating the little critter. Avery referred to him as a guinea pig. Trig referenced him as a warthog. Even a preschool mom, seeing her child enter the car with the marshmallow groundhog in tow said, “Oh! You talked about the hedgehog!” When I laughed and corrected her, she said, “Yah! One of those hogs that we never talk a lot about!” Too funny! Thanks for the chuckles! I hope you got the story before each took advantage of their groundhog snack. Ha!

I told the children we were going to watch a movie to see a real groundhog. Sienna got excited, “With popcorn?” No, sorry. Then, we only watched a small piece of the movie, adding even more disappointment, but we moved on to have some great letter games. The teams chose their team names. The Dragons beat the Supers, 9-8 and in the afternoon, the Shark Tanks beat the Skulls, 10-9! During recess, Que was still reveling in his victory, “Mrs. McClure! Can you believe the Dragons won?” I busted up! That boy has an infectious enthusiasm I simply adore! Jaxson’s enthusiasm was just as adorable while putting away one of the ride-in cars after recess, “Did you see that big car I carried over? I was carrying it and it was so cool!” Jaxson, recognizing his ability, must have felt like Superman, “You are so strong!” I love when these children come into their own awareness. It feels me to the brim.

We made an umbrella and created and played a reading game to send home. Many of the children were able to sound-blend letters together to form the words. With games such as these, and practice at home, your child can get better and better and begin to feel the joy of reading words. Once that happens, the fun begins. I was just talking to my daughter, whose son was tested after completing our preschool.

He had a 3.8 reading level entering kindergarten and has continued to read. Now, in third grade, she reported that he begged for books for Christmas and finished the first 300 page book before the day’s end. His love for reading will bless him all his life. I have such a strong conviction of what is possible for these children. They are putty in our hands. We can do this!!!

We have been sending home reading folders to those children we believe are ready to begin. If you feel like your child is ready, please let us know and we will be sure to fit them with a folder. We have many series of readers that I have rewritten to accommodate our purposes. They have no double ee’s or long vowels, or silent e’s in them until possibly the hundredth books, allowing time to establish firm foundations. If you feel like your child can read more than one book at a time, we will send as many as you wish. I announced to the children a forthcoming prize for the highest reader in the school and smaller prizes for any readers of significant totals. Let the games begin!!! I love it! I love it! Spending time quizzing the children and reviewing Rhett and The Alphabet will help greatly. Flip through the pages, quizzing them. Ask them to tell you the letter name and it’s sound. We have learned letters A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, M, O, P, R, S, T, U, and W.

Next week is V week. Please have your child prepare 24 valentines for our valentine party on the 14th. Please have your child write ONLY his or her name on them. This will make deliveries much easier. It is also great practice. Name writing! We can never do enough of that! Ha!

Have a great weekend! Much, much love!
All my devotion!

Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Patches the Pony Rides

Our Incredible {Hh}orse Week

Hh Week is one of my favorite weeks and this one was right at the top of being the best ever. Of course, we talked about letter Hh and how tired he was, having hiked that very high hill, “Huh, huh!” Ask your child to rehearse the Hill story with baby H. See if they can name any H words!  But admittedly, it was all about the horse, the hat and the holster!

Monday, we painted our marshmallow shooters with one finger, trading out two AB pattered colors. The children did an amazing job, some of the best I’ve ever seen. I particularly loved Avery’s. She substituted a row of polka-dots as her second stripe. It was very clever, very creative and unique, her very own creation, very impressive. Ha! She is perfectly named, A-very!

The children were so excited. I loved how some dressed up for the occasion. Eli, who had been working on his special cowboy line, greeted Mrs. Walters as she came to get him from the car. Tipping his hat most respectfully he said in his cowboy voice, “Howdy, lil’ lady!” She busted up laughing!” Then we taught all the children to say it together. Fun! Thanks, Eli!

Patches, the pony did not disappoint. Kaylee, after seeing him outside, came in to ask, “Is that a real horse?” Oh, yes! Patches is the best pony ever! He willingly galloped on every ride, being so amiable and wonderfully tame and child-friendly. The children all hugged him at the end, mauling him as a crowd without even a flinch or swish of his tail. Great appreciation and love goes out to my sweet sister, Colleen, who volunteers each year to share her pony with us. It is wonderful. I will not elaborate, but she went to great trouble this year for us to have him.  Along with that trouble, she still had to corral and catch him for us, load him up, and harness and prepare him for our use, only to return and dismantle him and cart everything back, free of charge. I certainly have wonderful siblings to be grateful for.

We dressed up all the children with their hats, vests, and holsters and headed outside. They each had a chance to have a ride in the pony cart and pet and love Patches. While waiting for a ride, we had prepared some fun toys and activities. We also hung some ornery bandits and bad guys on the wall for practice in shooting marshmallows, as to be ready for our big shoot-out the following day. One tough part! It was terrrribly painful removing their costumes on Wednesday, “NOOOO!” promising to return them for the next day. “You’ll get them back! I promise!” People ask me all the time, “Why don’t you just make a set of costumes to keep?” Now, I ask you, “Really?”

Thursday, we dressed them up again. Lillian asked, “Do you have boots for me?” Ha! We introduced them to the bouquet of stick horses. I plucked each one out and encouraged them to be thinking of a name for their horse. This gave them lots of time to think as we passed them all out. I love encouraging them to use their creative minds. The names they chose were especially clever, in both classes. I simply must list them all. I’m sorry, but I must!!! Mrs. Walters and I were in stitches!
Allison-Master Fluff, Avery-Star, Boston-Duke, Cannon-Bob, Claire-Bella, Clyde-Spike, Courtney-Crystal, Dani-Peewee, Daphne-Frosty, Evie-Cupcake, Gracia-Rose, Hendrix-Dragon, Jace-Sparky, Joseph-Hot Dog, Kaylee-Tiny, Kohl-Spike, Lincoln-Spark, Madden-Crock, Miles B-Volcano, Miles W-Rudolf, Navy-Cotton Candy, Sienna-Spirit, Todd-Lego, Trig-Peter, Eli-Hawk, Reese-Rainbow Dash, Paige-Pinky Pie, Ella-Rock Star, Fox-Eden, Grace-Twinkles, Ivy-Dash, Jaxson-Jaxson, Josh-Mountain, Kyree-Princess Sparkles, Leisel-Twinkle Toes, Lillian-Hanky, Lilly-Jasmine, Mason-Burrito, Nathan-Navy, Nash-Roxy, Navy H-Ella, Preston-Lead, Que-Poisoness, Reagan-Elmond, Ryder-Corn Dog, Rylee-Angel, Smith-Grass, and Taeya-Foxy. I couldn’t decide which was funnier; Poisoness, Master Fuff or Grass! I’m still laughing!

I reminded the children how we shouted, “Go, Patches, go!” and it really made him go faster. So, we saddled up and headed to the backyard for a trail ride. “Go, Hot Dog!” “Go, Hanky!” Giddi-up, Bob!” “Whoa! Slow on the turns! Don’t get bucked off!”

Then, the game was on to find the fastest horse. 5 horses, lined up side by side, nostrils flaring! And, they’re off!!! Master Fluff was so close! Cupcake on her heels, but Peewee won the first heat by a whole length. Hurray! Cotton Candy won the second heat, with Spirit close behind! Then, it was Peewee against Cotton Candy for the fastest girl horse! “Go Peewee!” “Go Cotton Candy!” Peewee wins! Outstanding! On to the boys… Volcano won the first heat, Burrito, close behind, Spike won the second, with Dragon, so, so close! Everyone cheered for his favorite, “Go Spike!” “Go Volcano!” It’s Spike! Spike wins!  So, Peewee and Spike raced to determine the fastest horse in the class. The children cheered, “Go Spike!” “Go, Peewee!” Spike wins again! So, Kohl took his place in the winner’s circle!  Yeeee Haaaw!

The afternoon races were just as thrilling, the horses at the gate, lining up for a win. Twinkle Toes won in the first heat. Elmond came in first in the second. The children cheered for their favorites, “Go Elmond!” Go, Twinkle Toes!” It was Elmond by a nose! Yeah!!!! Fastest Girl horse in the afternoon! Next, the boys. They yelled for their horses to go faster, “Go, Grass!” “Go, Corn Dog!” But it was Lead! Lead won the first heat. Hawk won the second. The children chose their favorites, “Go Hawk!” “Go Lead!” Wahoo! Hawk wins! Then, it was Hawk and Elmond, “Go Hawk!” Go Elmond!” Hawk wins! So, Eli took his place in the winner’s circle for the afternoon! Great job!

After the races, we brought our horses in to cool and got a drink at the water hole, then headed back out to the OK Corral for the big marshmallow shootout! Woah! Marshmallows flying in every direction, mostly mine! Ahhhhh! “I’m gunna get you!” “I got you! I got YOU!” At one point, I shot one right into Claire’s mouth! “I shot your tongue!” We laughed and laughed. What a day! We gathered up our backpacks and headed for the cars and we counted ourselves lucky. No one got bucked off. No broken legs; so no one had to get shot! Shew! What a great week! Yippie Hi-yo! Ky-yay!


If you haven’t noticed or are unaware, we have packed a bag of marshmallows in your child’s backpack and equipped your child with two marshmallow shooters to have your own shootout at home. Happy shooting!

Next week is Uu Week. We will talk about and celebrate Ground Hog Day on Thursday. It might be fun for your child to follow the news to see if the ground hog sees his shadow this year or not.

Much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters