Sunday, October 1, 2017

Yellow {FOUR} {Oo} Week

Dear Preschool Parents,

Yellow Week was lots of fun, especially when with so many of yellow shirts showing up at school. We spelled yellow while dancing, swirling and singing and named lots of yellow things.The children also learned the #4 poem. We introduced the letter O and circles. We learned the sound that letter O makes and found lots of O words; octopus, Ollie, olives, owl.

YELLOW SONG (If you're happy and you know it tune)

Y-E-L-L-O-W spells yellow.
Y-E-L-L-O-W spells yellow.
Like the early morning sun
When the day has just begun.
Y-E-L-L-O-W spells yellow.

Daffodils and baby ducks are yellow. 
Lemonade and scrambled eggs are yellow.
I like the smiley face that's yellow,
he is such a happy fellow.
Y-E-L-L-O-W spells yellow.

The children colored an octopus yellow and glued Fruit Loop O's on all the arms. Mason and Rustin were working hard to pull a few of their O's apart before gluing them on. Rustin said, "The struggle is REAL!" Ha! Mrs. Walters and Miss Julie laughed and laughed. They also said Nash colored his particularly nice and dark. Great job, Nash!

Mrs. Walters read the children a great story, "Everybody has a bucket!" What a great story! Ask your children if they know what a dipper is!

Wednesday, the children made octopus puppets and Mrs. Walter told the children she was going to name her octopus, Ollie. She pretended to have Ollie munch olives! Then, she asked the children what they were going to name their octopus. Madden said, "I'm naming mine, Bloodgrog!" Trig said, "Bladecrack!" Dani said, "Joe Moe!" Allison said, "Emoji!" Navy E. said, "Cupcake!" Mason named his "Taco Bell because he likes to get burritos there. Mrs. Walters later said, "Madden, keep coloring Bloodgrog pretty yellow!" Madden said, "He's NOT pretty!" Ha! Mrs. Walter talked about using coloring muscles. "Are you getting strong coloring muscles like Captain America?" "Like Iron Man?" Ryder said, "I have normal coloring muscles!" 

At recess, the children were pretending to gas up to run faster. Lilly said, "My gas is all blowed out!" Ha!

Thursday, the children all made owl pictures. Sooo cute!

I am happy to announce that I am coming home later this week. My husband got an early release and we are thrilled with his progress. Much thanks to all who have been so supportive and helpful during this time in our lives. Especially, I wanted to thank Gracia's family for volunteering to take care of my yard. I heard all of her children wanted to help. That means so much to me. Maximus, Rockwell, Steele, Francesca and now Gracia have all been my students. They are so dear to me. I see Ken at the temple nearly every week and adore Amberlee. Thank you so much. So sweet! Thank you!

I am excited to see everyone again and sleep in my own bed!
Next week is Black Week. Wear Black!!!

Much, much love,
Gail McClure

Blue {TWO} Week

Dear Preschool Parents,

I am reporting to you from a hospital room in Utah. We hope to be released by tomorrow. My husband, Chuck, is doing well in his progress after surgery. We have a few more weeks of recovery and then we will finally be able to travel home. I have heard that the children had great fun with blue week. I am so very grateful to Mrs. Walters and Miss Julie for carrying on in my absence. The children learned the number three poem and the blue song. They had the chance to name many blue things and things of three ie: Three Little Pigs, Three Bears, Three Musketeers, etc.

B-L-U-E SONG (To the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)
B L U E spells blue
B L U E spells blue
High Ho, Oh don't you know?
B L U E spells blue

The big sky is blue,
The ocean is too!
High Ho! Oh don't you know?

Monday, the children had fun making their boats and floating them outside in a small pool. They had great fun blowing their boats across the water. “Look at mine!” “Mine is going the fastest!” Luckily, no one dove in to retrieve their boat! Ha! Mrs. Walters made it fun by playing some fun games like “What Has Changed?” sending children off to change something in their appearance or clothes for the children to guess. Oh, my goodness! The children loved this game!

Wednesday, Mrs. Walters painted their hand with brown paint and the children decorated the handprint with white sails, fluffy clouds and a blue ocean with lots of whoopee-dos! Mrs. Walters had a fun story to read to keep the children all entertained and laughing.

Thursday, they all made shark hats. Mrs. Walters once again had fun stories to read and keep the children happy. The shark hats were so darling. Miss Julie sent me several pictures with all the “sharks” growling! So fun! I didn’t even know sharks could growl! 

We didn’t get a lot recorded, but I did get a few reports. While passing out cookie treats, He Who Must Not Be Named had someone come to the front of the line. “I don’t want to give her cookies! She’s mean to me!” Miss Julie assured him that it was OK to give her cookies. “But I don’t want to! She’s mean!” Ha!  We may have to dig a little deeper into this.  Ryder found a feather in the backyard during recess. Oh, that’s cool. Ryder said, “No, it’s not! It has guts on it!” Oooh! Toss that puppy! Where’s a wipe? Ha! And Chance said, “My baby is in my mom’s tummy!”, which made Mrs. Walters and Miss Julie giggle and raise an eyebrow! Don’t you just love four-year olds? They are the best!

Next week is Yellow Week, so be sure to wear something yellow.

Thank you for all your well wishes, your patience with me and faith and prayers on my husband’s behalf.

Much, much love and many thanks to our wonderful teachers taking such good care of things!


Mrs. McClure

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

American Week {Number 2} Remembering 9/11

Hello, fellow Americans! We had great fun in our red, white and blues for American Week. We were especially happy and severely surprised to see our little Evie, who has not worn anything but her favorite dress or her jammies twice, to break out of her norm and show up the final day in stars and stripes, top to bottom! Outstanding! Now that’s progress!

We also talked about number two and learned our poem. Then, I asked the children to tell me what 2 things we had on our bodies alike. Hands, legs, eyes, ears! Hendrix said, “Two nose holes!” Jaxson said, “Two feeta!” Navy E. said, “Two pinkies!” Chance said, “Two lumps!” I asked, “What lumps?” He pointed to his chest, “Right here!” Yep! Two lumps! I heard Miss Julie snickering across the room! Too funny! We giggled a lot!


Monday, we talked about the 9-11 tragedy and painted an American eagle on a flag plate. My goodness! They were all beautiful and so patriotic! We also talked about our flag and the children guessed how many stars it had on it. Madden said, “12!” More! Dani said, “14!” More! Navy E. said, “15!” More! Hendrix said, “16!” MORE! Lincoln said, “20 hundred!” Too many! Trig said, “15 hundred hours!” Stars! How many stars? Miles B. said, “100!” Woah! That’s twice as many! Cannon was the closest, “60!” We talked about what each color meant on the flag and sang America, The Beautiful, with sign language. Ask your child to show you how to sign the word, ‘America’ and see what you get! Or ‘shining sea’! Fun stuff!

Wednesday, we made an Uncle Sam puppet and the children did a wonderful job coloring red, white and blue clothes for him, including AB patterns. We also talked about what he would say to Americans, “I want you!” Then, we listed all the things we could do to be good Americans. It might be fun to ask your child what Uncle Sam wants them to do, just to hear what they came away with.

I was super impressed by Chance, who recognized and knew much about George Washington. I showed the children pictures of The Capital, The Liberty Bell, and The Statue of Liberty and her history. As I held up her picture, I asked if anyone knew what it was. Madden said, “An Egyptian!” Funny! She kind of… does! Ha! We actually had several that knew more about our nation than I ever expected! Way to go, Idahoes! Usually, I get to be the one to tell the first stories!

Most of our children are doing a really nice job learning the letters of their names and holding their pencils properly. Gone are the days when Hendrix would exclaim, “I can’t find my pinchers!” followed by several others, “Me either!” “Me, too!” By October, we hope to have little to correct!” They are really making great progress!

We especially love getting the random details of life from these little ones. I always say, “I won’t believe most of what they tell me at school if you won’t believe most of what you hear at home!” Ha!

Our final day, as I held up my picture of Lady Liberty, I asked if anyone remembered who had given the statue to America. Nash said, “Someone made it!” Dani said, “We got it from the Store!” Navy E., “The temple!” Lillian said, “Uncle Sam gave it to us!” Allison said, “We got it from Jesus!” Ha! But, we did have a great time creating a liberty hat with an AB pattern and just after lining them all up at the end of class, backpacks on with liberty hats in place, we handed each a special cupcake cone with a would-be flame on top. So cute! They all marched out with their torches held high! I just love dressing them all up! They are so adorable in a cluster! I love that.

We appreciate all of you and your wonderful words of encouragement and love. We adore these sweet children and consider ourselves lucky to be able to hang with them so much.

Much, much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
And Miss Julie, too

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Little {RED} Hen Week {ONE}

Our days were cut short for Red Week because of the holiday, but we managed to fill them up completely!

We wore red, we spelled red, we sang about it, we twirled in it and we named everything we could think of that was red. Jace said fire trucks were red. Chance said, “Strawberries!” Claire said, Roses! Allison said, “Hearts!” Navy H. said, “Blood!” Trig said, “Our tubs!” Lincoln said, “Apples!” Ryder said, “Suckers!” Preston said, “My shoes!” And Avery said, “Santa’s Hat is red!” I like red! R-E-D!

Red Song (Are you sleeping tune)
I like red
I like red
A firetruck is red
Lady Bugs are red

We also learned the number 1 poem and practiced making a ‘one’ as we repeated it again and again. Have your child rehearse that for you. Your children are awesome!

One Poem
Find all our number poems and printouts here!
As the children came into the classroom on Wednesday, I instructed them to cut out a set of googley eyes and a beak. Trig asked, “What? We’re making a woodpecker?” It’s a red hen! He was funny because after he had completed his chicken face he asked, “How does my woodpecker look?” Ha! It’s a hen…like a chicken! 

Our red hen hats this year turned out so cute!
Added tissue paper for chef hen hats!
 Ahh! So cute!

I began reading the story of The Little Red Hen and I stopped to show the children what real wheat berries looked like. Everyone got a chance to grab a pinch of them. Some crunched them between their teeth. Some smelled them and some just rolled them for a time between their fingers as the story went on. When we got to the part about the miller, I turned on my wheat grinder and the children got a chance to see the grain pour into the grinder and hear the roar of the motor crushing the grain into flour. “Oooh!” Madden said, “It’s like magic!” When we finished the story, I pulled all of the flour out and asked, “Who will help me make the bread?” 

I have had several requests for the bread recipe we used for the children on Wednesday.
I am happy to share for anyone that is interested.

Red Hen Bread
6 cups lukewarm water
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup oil
1 cup potato flakes
Combine and add:
2 1/2 tablespoons yeast
4 tablespoons Vital Wheat Gluten
2 tablespoons Dough Enhancer
10-12 scoops of freshly ground white wheat flour*
10-12 scoops bread flour*
1 tablespoon salt
1/3 cup chia seeds
Add enough flour to make a nice firm sticky dough. *(totalling roughly 8-10 cups of flour)
Knead in Bosch (or mixer) for 7 minutes
Place in greased pans
Bake for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees after raising in pans .
Yields: 4-5 regular loaves or 12 -15 small loaves
We made two batches simultaneously with two Bosch machines. 

The room exploded with eager helpers. Everyone got to help scoop up the beautiful warm flour and dump it into the bowl or add another ingredient. We watched it churn and churn. Then, each child with a bib on, took a seat at the worktables and held out their little cupped hands to have us spray them with oil. Oh, how I wish you could have seen the excited faces, twisting and shaping dough to fit into pans. Adorable! Trig said, “It looks like a person lying in a bed!” Jace said, “It looks like a baby!” Trig said, “Yah, only sticky!” Ha!

The bread rose and baked just in time to whisk it from the hot ovens to load into bags to send home. They donned their hats and marched happily out the door with their fresh loaves of bread like a parade of proud bakers with something to squawk about. It was a great day!


Too much fun with these crazy chickens!

The next day, we talked about rectangles and identified many objects in the school that looked like rectangles. We glued red rectangles on a plate to create a beautiful apple masterpiece! They were just lovely. We also practiced our gluing skills, “Make a dot! Not a lot!” The children are getting better and better. I love the great progress they are making!

We played a game, Know Your Apples and we also read a story about a big sister and how well she could help out (as opposed to the unhelpful cat, dog or pig in the hen story the day before). We had a great discussion about how the children could help as well. Que said, “I could sing a song for the baby!” Jaxson said, “I could give the baby a ‘paci’! Nash said, “My dad reads us a book!” Great job, helpers.

Speaking of great helpers, Reagan was so sweet to want to help write Kaylee’s name beside her. She is so helpful, but I had to carefully back her off to allow Kaylee to have her own experiences. I hope all of you parents are doing the same, as your children work on their fun sheets. We are seeing a few names that are still coming back displaying expert parental writing skills, which makes it difficult for your child to write his or her own name at school. Breaking these colts also requires training a few fillies and studs in the process. Ha!

Next week is our American Week honoring 9-11 and celebrating our country and freedoms. We encourage everyone to wear red, white and blue, if possible. We will allow all of those to come to the treat line first.

We want to especially thank Mrs. Walters and Miss Jessica for helping with our hats this week. We could not have finished the baker’s “toque blanche” poof without them. They were spectacular!

Have a great weekend!

Much, much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
Miss Julie