Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Easter Hunt

{Qq} Week

Letter Q was quite a lot of fun. We colored our craziest to make a crazy queen. Kohl said, “I’m coloring like a chicken lico!”  Mrs. Walters asked, “What does your crazy queen eat?” Hendrix said, “My computer!” Madden said, “Fish sticks! I love fish sticks because they have chicken inside!” 

The next day, we made a beautiful queen and sewed up an AB patterned quilt. I suggested after making the quilt and coloring the queen so beautifully, that they put her to bed, laying their quilt over her for a quiet sleep and kiss her good night. Cannon said, “I don’t want to kiss her. That would be gross! I’m going to sing her a song. My dad gives me scratches and songs!” I asked him later what song he sang. “ABCD!” Adorable!

Our reading games continue to inspire great imagination for team titles and improve our reading skills. The Bad Apples lost to the “Dinosaries”, The Quails beat the Queens, The Mermaids beat The Smiley Faces and the Fires beat the Spy-pers. Mrs. Walters has been doing letter drills on the side for some that need more practice, improving where we can. She is wonderful and this is really helping to get them into reading folders. We are thrilled with everyone’s progress. There will be lots of prizes for our readers.

During a tub time “shootout”, I suggested, “Boys! Build something instead of guns.” Hendrix quickly explained, “This is a rocket that shoots!” Ha!

We are coming to the end of our Show-N-Tell by the end of this month. We will be spending time practicing songs for our Mother’s Day/Graduation Program to be on May 16th. Mark your calendars. It will be a memorable event and the culmination of our success for the school year. 

Keep reading. Our reading cutoff date for book totals will be May 3rd, when we will collect all reading folders to tally winners.
These last months always close like a freight train. The days are passing much too quickly. We want to hold on to these moments forever. We have grown to love and cherish each one. We have come so far together and enjoyed the adorable things we have both seen and heard. Each child has stolen a place in my heart forever.

Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

{Nn} Week

Never have we had a nicer N Week. I hope you noticed the noodle necklaces, AB patterned, with paper crayons laced in between, each with its significant color with a name on the back of each one; a neat project for a number of reasons. I had to laugh when Kohl was guessing what we were going to make, “Oh, noodles! Are we going to make some soup?” He also was so excited to announce the delight of attending Hendrix’s birthday party, “I have a Hamrich Party!”  Oh, that Kohl. He keeps us in stitches!

The children had great fun making nests and placing candy eggs inside with a marshmallow birdie on top. We sang a little song as we fashioned our nests. We sang it many times. I hope your child was able to share that with you.

We also had some great helpers hovering over others to help read color words after we all made our nest games. These little readers are so fun to watch. They love helping. Navy E. is especially fun. I love watching her take charge. “Mrs. McClure! Is that another reading game?  I can tell you’re really going to need me today!” Mason said, “I’m really, really good, cause I’ve had a lot of years in here!” Both have returned for a second term. They revel in their success and so do I!

We read some great stories about birds and nests and had time for one game where The Light Cannons beat The Bombs, 9-8. With such beautiful days, our recess time increased. What a wonderful time of year this is! I never get out enough!

The children are filled with excitement as Easter time approaches. Jace was bubbling over, “I can’t wait for Easter. I go to sleep and wake up to find an Easter basket!” Really? “Yah! And it has a chocolate bunny inside!” I say, “Spoil them rotten!” This perfectly innocent age never lasts as long as we all wish it to.

Next week, we will dye Easter eggs, decorate Easter baskets and hope to have a visit from the Easter Bunny for a nice hunt.

Have a great weekend.
Much love to all,

Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shamrock Week

Shamrock Week was fun. We talked about leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold and Sh words…shark, sheep, ship. The children found ‘shed’ and ‘shining’ as we sang, America, The Beautiful. I pointed to a hanging felt pot with shamrock cut outs and asked the children if anyone knew what they were. “Butterflies?” No. “Fish?” No. Avery said, “Mosquitos!” No. It starts with an Sh. Gracia shouted, “Shlo-vers!” Too funny!

Wednesday, we made a leprechaun puppet. Navy E. walked in to see our example hanging and said, “So, it looks like we are making clowns today!” Yah, green ones! Ha!

The next day, she walked in to see the word game with students cutting out shamrocks. She announced, “It’s a good thing I came so I could help them (pointing to some of the younger kids in class) read their words!” And she did, helping many students read after reading her own game. What would we do without Navy??? Navy has read over 100 books so far. She is a rock star. Several say they are going to beat her, but that remains to be seen.

We have been making lots of time for reading games. The kids are really starting to get it. The more we play, the better they get. And their team choices!!! So fun! Wolves vrs Dragons,11-6. Carpets vrs Rainbows, 11-9. Pinchers vrs Cupcakes, 10-7 and Horses vrs Wellidies, 6-3. Today, it was The Ducks vrs The Mares, 6-4 and The Baths vrs The Guns, 9-7. Trig, on the Bath team said, “Let’s see if we’re gunna wash those people!” And they did! Fun stuff!

Mrs. Walters:  “Have you noticed how Kohl calls you, Mrs. McCooler and Preston calls me Mr. Walters? Everytime!”
“Yes, ha, ha! But have you noticed how Kohl calls Hendrix, Hamrich? Everytime!” Funny, everytime!

Next week is Spring Break. We will not have school all week. Have a great time with your families. From the sound of things, many are hitting the west coast. Be safe!

School will resume on March 19th. See you all then. We love your children.

Much love and devotion,

Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters

{Ll}ion Week

Ll Week was loads of fun learning about lions. We also read a fun book about a lion who lost his mane. It was a great story. We sang all our names with letter L and laughed when Jace and Grace turned into Lace. We went on a lion hunt and raced all the way back; through the mosquitoes, over the mountain, across the lake, through the grass and everywhere else you could imagine. We also had fun taking turns rolling a large dice and writing a numeral on the board. The number poems are really paying off. The children have gotten so good at this. I can't even recognize them now! Ha!

The children are also getting so much better on their letters and sounds. I think we will be passing out many more reading folders on Monday. Great job to all those that are taking time to listen to their child read. It is a tedious, tiresome job, but necessary. Hang in there!!!

Here is the laugh of the week.
Teacher: While spraying air freshener, “No more tooting allowed!” Children pointing: “It was Him!”
Teacher: “Go sit in the back so we don’t have to smell you!”
Stinky child grinning: “Okay!”

For some reason, when they are this age, this appears to be the funniest thing they can think of doing in class, inspiring themselves to think to be the best comedian in the world.
A seat in the back of class is my only weapon! Help!

There you have it! See you next week for letter Kk.

Much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Letter Jj and Valentines party!

    We celebrated letter Jj with jellybeans.  Sorting all those colorful beans challenged our counting and graphing skills in a new and fun way. The children loved the exercise. Delicious!

Our Valentines Day Party was so great. The children loved frosting Miss Connie’s famous cookies and choosing a fun sprinkle for the top. While anxiously shaking his sprinkles on, Kohl exclaimed, “It’s going to taste like butterflies coming out with sparkles!” Everything is ‘to the roof’ with that boy! We love the things he says. We had a great time passing out and collecting our valentines. We all felt so loved, especially Mrs. Walters and I. We thank everyone that made us feel so special. The children especially loved playing valentine bingo and collecting prizes. It was great fun to watch them yell, “BINGO!” They loved springing from their chair to dig through the tub of treasures! Such a fun day!

Our readers are off to a great start. Our top reader is up into the forties, so far, with several close on her heels! Great job, readers! Our reading game was fierce this week! The Shark Killers beat the Sharks, 7-6! Jace chose their team name, “If they are the Sharks, we wanna be the Shark Killers!” And they did! Ha!

I’m trying to keep this short. My daughter neglected to read her preschool email, “Mom! They are so long!” and missed the memo about boys’ Show-n-Tell for Thursday. I’m not sure she has recovered from her son blasting her, “Mom! You’re a liar! IT WAS SHOW-N-TELL!” Ha! I know these can get lengthy, but there is great info for the taking here!

President’s Day is Monday. No school. See you all on Wednesday. Have a nice long weekend.

Much love to all,
Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Walters 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Letter Vv

Letter Vv and Valentine week was fun, especially the heart guy we sent home today. The children did a great job of matching the gloves and the shoes with colors and patterns. We made a valentine holder earlier in the week and put lots of heart stickers on them. Eli said, while peeling the back of several big hearts, “I have a sticky situation here!” We used that line the rest of the week. Ha! Mason said he was going to make his like a demolition derby! Trig was so excited at the thought, he said,  “I’m going to put my hearts all over the city! I mean, my valentine holder!” Cute boy!

We sorted and counted candy hearts and played several reading/ sound-blending games. The Spideys beat the Meanies, 10-9, the Scorpions beat the Great Whites, 9-4, and the Poisons beat the Fighters, 6-4. Each time we play, the children care more and more about the win and reading words for points, because the winners get to line up first for treats. That seems to be a significant prize for them! I love finding their hot button!

Next week is Jj week. We will sort and graph some jellybeans and break on the 14th, Wednesday, for our Valentine Party. Please have your child bring 24 signed valentines to pass out and share with everyone. We will frost a valentine cookie and play valentine bingo. Their excitement is mounting! Lincoln has his own excitement a brewing, “Hey! You’d better plan something quick because after Easter, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!” Ha, ha!

Have a great weekend. See you back on Monday.

Much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure

Mrs. Walters