Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Preschool Orange Week {Frankenstein, spiders, and scarecrows, Aaaaaaah!}

We had a great week with Letter A. We made lots of scary things to scare him. It wasn’t too hard, because Letter A is afraid of everything. The children pretended to be letter A. Everything I picked up to show to them, they would yell, “Ahhh!” I picked up a stapler, “Ahhh!” A crayon, “Ahhh!” A book, “Ahhh!” We found words like apple and alligator, ant and appaloosa! We yelled the whole day!!!

We also celebrated orange. We sang and danced and twirled and strutted our orange. We spelled it and found lots of orange, pumpkins, carrots, and even oranges. Madden said, “Num-nums are orange. I asked, “What are num-nums?” He pointed to the bag of Skittles on my shelf. Oh! Good job, Madden. Num-nums are orange! Ha!

ORANGE SONG: (The Wheels On the Bus)
Orange is what that spells.

Jack-O-Lanterns are always orange
Carrots are always orange
Oranges are always orange.

Monday, we made a scary Frankenstein mask to scare letter A. Brody said, “Letter A is going to scream like a girl!” Lena said, “My mom has a Frankensti-nan stamp! Drew said, “I’m gunna scare my mom with this!”

During Girl’s Show-N-Tell, Navy told us about her toy phone. Sometimes, I ask the children where they got the thing they are showing and talking about. If they say, they don’t know, I have asked them, “Did it just fly in through the window one day?” They always laugh and say, “NO!” Monday, when I asked Navy where she got her phone, she told us, “It just flew in my room!” I love that fun girl!

Wednesday, we cut out 8 spiders for a counting game. The children did a great job cutting all of their spiders ‘right on the line’! I told them, “This is a contest to see if you can cut exactly on the line!” They are becoming such great cutters. Tolson loved the contest. He asked the next day, “Can we have a contest again?”

Thursday, we made a scarecrow. That would surely scare letter A! The children had to rip a lot of paper to make a scarecrow face. 

Miss Kristin was amazed by the number of children that did not know how to rip up a sheet of paper. Some children are so well behaved; they possibly have never ripped up a thing in their lives. On the other hand, some took to that sheet like water! Ha! All of the scarecrows each had a unique look and personality. They were adorable! One of them even glued the hand print hair on top of the hat! Too cute! Something for your Halloween wall! Ask your child what letter A says. They should be able to tell you, “Ahhh!”

Miss Kristin caught this conversation:
Quinn: I’m gunna grow up a mommy!
Sam: I’m gunna grow up a daddy!
Brody: I’m gunna grow up a daddy with a beard!

And while waiting outside:
Walter: Mrs. McClure, I’m so embarrassed that I called you Grandma!
“That’s Okay! I am a Grandma!
Benjamin: I will call you Miss Fantastic!
You can call me that everyday!!!

Congratulations go out to Rondy, for bringing a new little baby brother for Bradley into the world this past week! We hope all went well. We pray for a speedy recovery! We look forward to Jaxson getting a new sister very soon, too! Good luck, Kelsey!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ghouls and Ghosts and White Week!

White Week was wonderful. And why wouldn’t it be, with so many wonderfully white things to talk about? I just kept writing furiously, recording everything I heard and each day, your children seemed to find more and more white in the world. The list was lengthy, but watching their little minds at work, thinking of more and more white things to say, was adorable. Rudger said bathtubs, Brooklyn and Sam said snow. Gracelyn said pillows. Marshall and Karina said clouds. Katelyn said milk. Madden said ghosts. Walter, soap bubbles. Trey, skeletons. Talli, stars. Embree, Santa’s beard. Davis said spiderwebs, Quintin, marshmallows, Mason D, sheep, Jaxson and Emmett said polar bears, Niki, glue, Benjamin, sidewalks. Bria said goose feathers, Tallin said eagle feathers, and Drew added, “or a white duck!” Scarlett said a whiteboard. Kensi said chickens, Brody said eggs, Jacob said mummies, Mason E. said the stuff inside of coconuts and Quinn said the face on a clown like the one on ‘Tangled’! Don’t you just love the amazing minds of these children? I love to see them think and then express themselves. When I say, “Oooh! That’s a good one!” They beam, validating their brilliancy!

Of course, we sang our white song, twirled in our white clothes and memorized our # 8 poem. Then, we sang our fun Halloween songs and pulled some more hair! We learned about letter Gg and found lots of Gg words, green grapes, girls, gorillas, ghosts!

Number 8 Poem

Monday, we made a fun ghostly puppet. I have gotta say, the hands on that ghost were very difficult to cut, but everyone of those children did an outstanding job of weaving in and out, around each finger in an amazing fashion! I kept picking them up to show Miss Kristen, “Look at this one!” “And even this one!” I was so delighted! I told the children they could color their ghost eyes any color they wished. That was enough to excite Brody, “Can I even color my ghost eyes black?” Tallin said, “Black is the spookiest color in the whole world!”

Wednesday, we created a very fun skull and Thursday, we made a happy ghost with streamers. Jace was funny. He smelled the streamers before gluing them on, “Is this toilet paper?” Miss Kristen and I cracked up! Too funny. He was also funny at the carpet squares as he noticed someone picking their nose, “Don’t pick your nose! Don’t! Don’t do it! Stop picking your nose!” I love when someone else takes the reins as boss for a time, making my job easier. Thanks for keeping us in line, Jace. 

I also noticed Marshall as he squeezed glue out in a cute little happy face on the back of his ghost face just before gluing it on. I asked him, “Did you just draw a happy face with your glue?” He looked as if I had just discovered an inner secret by mistake. He dropped his head in embarrassment, “Yes.” “Good job! I love that! It’s so cute!” Then, I watched him turn it over and smile as he pressed it to the plate. I adore that quiet little Marshall. He has completely stolen my heart with his sweet quiet ways! It is remarkable how something, no matter how small, that I get an opportunity to see or hear from one of these little ones at school, can bring such a smile to my face and burn such a sweet impression upon my soul as to endear them to my heart. These are the rewards of being allowed to hang with the most perfectly aged people on the planet. They are priceless. Thank you for entrusting them to me. I love them so.

Niki was full of information for us this week. She told us she watched a movie of a really ugly, ugly girl. We laughed and laughed. The next day she told us that her chicken, Alice died. “She got an egg stuck in her.” Then she asked me, “How does a chicken get an egg up her?” Ummm…My goodness! The questions I have to field at preschool! Ha!

We had a chance to hear what each had plans to dress up as for Halloween. The holiday excitement is building. Plan for your child to wear a costume on Halloween day to school. We are planning a festive time together ending in a parade around the cul-de-sac. We look forward to that.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Preschool Black Week Bat Tutorial

This was such a fun project for our preschool to do. We practiced all sorts of skills like cutting, and gluing. We began the day by tracing everyone's hand on a piece of black construction paper that we folded in half and stapled, giving us two of each. These will be the bats wings.

 In the center you will see a white circle. This is stapled onto a black piece of construction paper the same size. That way the children can have a nice thick black line to see when they cut the circle. Throw the white one away, and keep the black on for the bats body. Glue one of each of the hand print cut outs to either side of the body.

Above is the pre painted version of the eyes. We recommend the cardboard egg cartons with the long pointed centers. They make the perfect bat noses!

Below you can see that but cutting a little extra, you can give your bat cute little ears to go with his long pointy nose. 
 Glue his face on the body and your bat should be coming together! 

We love seeing how each child adds a little bit of their own touch to each of their bats. For the moon, we pre-tied strings to yellow circles and let the children cut out the rest of the way. We also happened to be learning about the letter Cc this week so they each finished it off by cutting out their "C's". 
Finally, for the best part! The red spooky eyes. Just add a some glue dots and shake in the red glitter!
Aren't they the cutest little spooky bats?! Comment below with how your preschool does black week! We'd love to see! Thanks for stopping by the Bearly Ready for Threeschool Preschool Blog!

Scary cats, cackling witches, spooky bats, and a crazy cook! It's black week!!

Things are getting a little spooky around here! We are getting ready for Halloween!

Black Week was very fun, especially as we introduced our Halloween songs. One, in particular ends by singing, “IT will come and PULL YOUR HAIR!!! Of course, I have to circle around and pull as many heads of hair as I can before the song runs out. Ahhhhhh!!! Maybe by the end of the month, your child will have learned this song so well, that you might be protecting your head! Ha, ha! Stay tuned for our fun video of all our Halloween songs and activities!

Monday, we learned our black song and our number 7 poem. The children are really getting very good and reciting these poems. I love to hear them chant together! 

Seven Poem:
Across the sky
and down from Heaven,
That's the way to make a seven!

We also introduced Letter Cc. We sang about the ‘crazy cook in the corner cafĂ©’ and we found lots of Cc words. Ask your child about the crazy cook and you might just get to hear a very fun story. We found lots of black things to talk about, cats, hats, bats, bugs. Gracelyn said the lines on a bee were black. Katelyn said a fly was black and Tanner said a TV was black but Bradley corrected him and said, “only when they are off!” Thank goodness we have Bradley to keep us all in line. He is very sober and I don’t think he has made a single mistake in his entire life. We need Bradley to keep the rest of us responsible. We love him!

We colored a very black cat and played a fun candy corn counting game, more letter Cc words, and the children were able to use their new number skills to identify and count while enjoying the rewards of a sweet treat.

Wednesday, we traced hands and created a very fun bat against a bright yellow moon. The children especially loved shaking red glitter into the deep-set eyes of the bat to make him very spooky! Ahhhh!
Aren't these bats just the cutest? Make one for your own preschool or just for fun with toddlers! Check out our how-to here.

Thursday, we colored a very black hat for a green, warty witch to wear. We attached her to a stick with the cat and created a fun singing prop. I hope you got a great rendition of “The Mean Old Witch”! Hang on to the prop. We will be singing that song all month, and renditions will be improving daily. Ha!

Next week will be White Week and we will be celebrating with ghosts, skeletons and ghouls. We look forward to a fun week.