Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Preschool Orange Week {Frankenstein, spiders, and scarecrows, Aaaaaaah!}

We had a great week with Letter A. We made lots of scary things to scare him. It wasn’t too hard, because Letter A is afraid of everything. The children pretended to be letter A. Everything I picked up to show to them, they would yell, “Ahhh!” I picked up a stapler, “Ahhh!” A crayon, “Ahhh!” A book, “Ahhh!” We found words like apple and alligator, ant and appaloosa! We yelled the whole day!!!

We also celebrated orange. We sang and danced and twirled and strutted our orange. We spelled it and found lots of orange, pumpkins, carrots, and even oranges. Madden said, “Num-nums are orange. I asked, “What are num-nums?” He pointed to the bag of Skittles on my shelf. Oh! Good job, Madden. Num-nums are orange! Ha!

ORANGE SONG: (The Wheels On the Bus)
Orange is what that spells.

Jack-O-Lanterns are always orange
Carrots are always orange
Oranges are always orange.

Monday, we made a scary Frankenstein mask to scare letter A. Brody said, “Letter A is going to scream like a girl!” Lena said, “My mom has a Frankensti-nan stamp! Drew said, “I’m gunna scare my mom with this!”

During Girl’s Show-N-Tell, Navy told us about her toy phone. Sometimes, I ask the children where they got the thing they are showing and talking about. If they say, they don’t know, I have asked them, “Did it just fly in through the window one day?” They always laugh and say, “NO!” Monday, when I asked Navy where she got her phone, she told us, “It just flew in my room!” I love that fun girl!

Wednesday, we cut out 8 spiders for a counting game. The children did a great job cutting all of their spiders ‘right on the line’! I told them, “This is a contest to see if you can cut exactly on the line!” They are becoming such great cutters. Tolson loved the contest. He asked the next day, “Can we have a contest again?”

Thursday, we made a scarecrow. That would surely scare letter A! The children had to rip a lot of paper to make a scarecrow face. 

Miss Kristin was amazed by the number of children that did not know how to rip up a sheet of paper. Some children are so well behaved; they possibly have never ripped up a thing in their lives. On the other hand, some took to that sheet like water! Ha! All of the scarecrows each had a unique look and personality. They were adorable! One of them even glued the hand print hair on top of the hat! Too cute! Something for your Halloween wall! Ask your child what letter A says. They should be able to tell you, “Ahhh!”

Miss Kristin caught this conversation:
Quinn: I’m gunna grow up a mommy!
Sam: I’m gunna grow up a daddy!
Brody: I’m gunna grow up a daddy with a beard!

And while waiting outside:
Walter: Mrs. McClure, I’m so embarrassed that I called you Grandma!
“That’s Okay! I am a Grandma!
Benjamin: I will call you Miss Fantastic!
You can call me that everyday!!!

Congratulations go out to Rondy, for bringing a new little baby brother for Bradley into the world this past week! We hope all went well. We pray for a speedy recovery! We look forward to Jaxson getting a new sister very soon, too! Good luck, Kelsey!

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