Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Purple Week and October Halloween Video!

Dear Parents,

I have been gone all week and Miss Kristen and her sister Julie, who was my sweet little helper last year, came back to help and together, they both took over for me. I heard they did a wonderful job and the children were p-p-practically p-p-perfect for them! Thank you, girls, so very much!

The children puffed to form letter Pp sounds, pretending to portray popcorn popping! They found lots of Pp words, especially as they sang the Purple Pickle song, picking out Purple Penny, Purple Pie and Purple Pepperoni!

Purple Song: (To the tune of This Old Man)
Purple has two P's you see?
For the grapes on a vine,
Or a plum in a tree. 

Quinton said purple was a P word. Bradley said, panda. Marshall and Niki said, popcorn. Navy and Bria said plum. Emily named pizza!  Brig, pumpkins! Kensi, pig! Mason E, pirate.
Londynn said pie and Tanner said pee pee!

Then, Miss Kristen asked what was purple. Walter said grapes were purple. Katelyn said plums were. Bradley said cats were purple and Brody said, monsters. Drew said crayons.

Miss Kristen showed them how to make a pirate, a purple polka-dot pet puppet, and color a pumpkin book. Great job, girls!

We enjoyed our Halloween month so much! We hope you loved all the little crafts that trickled into your homes! We definitely have been hearing our fun Halloween songs being hummed in class! Enjoy this little mashup video of all our fun crafts and our October month!! Off we go to Thanksgiving! 


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