Thursday, November 10, 2016

Brown Week {Dd} Doggy Day

Our Halloween Party was great! Everyone looked so cute in their Halloween costumes and some, very scary; like Brody, the zombie guy. Yikes!
See the fun here!

We frosted a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie with orange frosting and added candy corn to make a jack-o-lantern face. And then, we gobbled him up as our treat for that day. We played a trick-or-treat game outside and it was a bit warm, but other than that, we had a great time.  We also had fun parading around the cul-de-sac singing Halloween songs.

Wednesday was the first day to celebrate brown and letter Dd. Tallin said mud was brown. Gracelyn said tree stumps. Nixon said wood. Marshall said bear’s fur, Trey said wolf-es and Ammon said tarantulas!

We found lots of Dd words. Madden said dinosaurs. Kensi said dog. Isla said door and Drew said donuts. I love the way you think, Drew! D-d-delicious! We also did the Letter Dd dance. Duh, duh!

We traced our footprint and turned it into a dog. Then, we made an adorable Dalmatian dog. Thursday, we turned all the children into dogs and sang some great dog songs. My favorite was when we sang, “I wanna be a dog…I wanna have dog breath, I wanna learn to growl! Scratch fleas and sticks, run after sticks…the moon’s gunna make me howl!” I wish you could have seen all the scratching, howling, panting dogs crawling around that day. So fun! It was perfect because Brig brought some Scooby snack cookies shaped like bones and we fed them to those hungry dogs! Ha!
As I was sizing Ethan’s doggy hat, I said to him, “Let’s see how big your brains are! Do you have any brains?” He answered, “I only have two!”

Navy couldn’t seem to get the Bingo song out of her head, or ours!  She kept singing it throughout the day, while threading loops for her doggy collar, “P-I-N-G-O, P-I-N-G-O, P-I-N-G-O, and Pingo was his name-o”, over and over again! Miss Kristen and I kept hearing it and tried desperately to keep it check, burying our lips inside our teeth. When we looked at one another, we both just busted up! Dang! She was so dog-gone cute! We ended by reading one of my favorite dog stories, The Diggingest Dog! So fun!

We look forward to this Thankful time and are reminded of how very thankful we are for each one of these precious little people we get to spend so much time with. It is truly a great blessing for us. Thank you, thank you!

See you on Monday!
Much love to all,
Mrs. McClure
And Miss Kristen, too!

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