Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bear {Bb} Week

Bear Week was great fun as we learned all about bears and letter Bb. We spent a lot of time finding Bb words. There were bunches of them. But, mostly we had fun with bears.

Monday, we colored a brown bear book as best we could (like a 5 year old!). That is the standard. “Try to color like a 5 year old, not a 2 year old!” or I say, “Wow! You are staying in the lines just like a 5 year old! Good job!” or, “Ah oh! I hope you’re not making that look like a 2 year old scribble job!” It is always a big insult for a preschooler to be compared a 2 year old. They always dig in and work harder to avoid that!

Wednesday was our PJ Day and teddy bear picnic. We had a lot of children wear pajamas and bring a teddy bear or stuffed animal. We named them and everyone welcomed each animal by name to our school. I told the children about the things bears like to eat. I told them we were going to try some bear food at our picnic. “Bears like to dig for beetles and worms under logs. We will eat some worms.” The smiles dropped to twisted, scrunched up faces. “Bears are great at scooping fish from a stream. We are going to try some fish today, too!” More scrunches. The children were all relieved when they found that Miss Kristen had loaded amoung other things, gummy worms and goldfish crackers in their bear bags. We did get to taste some real honey on a stick. (A pretzel stick, that is!) The weather was beautiful and we picnicked on blankets on the front lawn with our bears and enjoyed our snacks.

Thursday, we had great fun making a paper polar bear. He was kind of gluey, but so cute. Miss Kristen got a few pictures to post in our blog.

Next week is Tt Week and we will be talking about turkeys, tails, and telling the story of the first Thanksgiving.

Please remember the day before Thanksgiving, we will have a schedule change and have school on Tuesday. We will have a feast on that day and dress up as the 99 braves that came to the first Thanksgiving feast.
Also, please remember to send 24 bite-sized somethings. We will feast on the lawn again. It will be great fun!

Christmas is just around the corner and we will not be having Show-N-Tell until after Christmas. We will use that extra time for music practice. The end of November and up into December, these weeks turn into an additional musical program preparation along with letter instruction and projects, leading up to our big Christmas Program. Every song has a prop or hat, coupled with dance steps and actions to get a bit of experience performing and being on stage. We love our musical programs and dressing up these little ones. It is one of my favorite things to do; a lot of work, but totally worth it. Watching them perform is the cherry on top! Be sure to calendar it in your schedules in December. It will be at a church building so we can use the stage and cultural hall. You will not want to miss it!

We had a few cute moments to record and share this week. Madden said he saw a dinosaur at the “New-see-’em!”
Yesterday, Quinn said, “Green caterpillars turn into frogs.” When I explained that caterpillars turn into butterflies, she said, “Well, then, the caterpillar would have to be pink, then, it can be a butterfly!” Ha! Quinn has it all figured out!

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support and assistance, sending treats in and also the collection of items for our crafts. We love all the e-mails and positive feedback we continue to receive. If you have a concern or comment, we welcome your input. Thank you so much.


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