Monday, October 17, 2016

Ghouls and Ghosts and White Week!

White Week was wonderful. And why wouldn’t it be, with so many wonderfully white things to talk about? I just kept writing furiously, recording everything I heard and each day, your children seemed to find more and more white in the world. The list was lengthy, but watching their little minds at work, thinking of more and more white things to say, was adorable. Rudger said bathtubs, Brooklyn and Sam said snow. Gracelyn said pillows. Marshall and Karina said clouds. Katelyn said milk. Madden said ghosts. Walter, soap bubbles. Trey, skeletons. Talli, stars. Embree, Santa’s beard. Davis said spiderwebs, Quintin, marshmallows, Mason D, sheep, Jaxson and Emmett said polar bears, Niki, glue, Benjamin, sidewalks. Bria said goose feathers, Tallin said eagle feathers, and Drew added, “or a white duck!” Scarlett said a whiteboard. Kensi said chickens, Brody said eggs, Jacob said mummies, Mason E. said the stuff inside of coconuts and Quinn said the face on a clown like the one on ‘Tangled’! Don’t you just love the amazing minds of these children? I love to see them think and then express themselves. When I say, “Oooh! That’s a good one!” They beam, validating their brilliancy!

Of course, we sang our white song, twirled in our white clothes and memorized our # 8 poem. Then, we sang our fun Halloween songs and pulled some more hair! We learned about letter Gg and found lots of Gg words, green grapes, girls, gorillas, ghosts!

Number 8 Poem

Monday, we made a fun ghostly puppet. I have gotta say, the hands on that ghost were very difficult to cut, but everyone of those children did an outstanding job of weaving in and out, around each finger in an amazing fashion! I kept picking them up to show Miss Kristen, “Look at this one!” “And even this one!” I was so delighted! I told the children they could color their ghost eyes any color they wished. That was enough to excite Brody, “Can I even color my ghost eyes black?” Tallin said, “Black is the spookiest color in the whole world!”

Wednesday, we created a very fun skull and Thursday, we made a happy ghost with streamers. Jace was funny. He smelled the streamers before gluing them on, “Is this toilet paper?” Miss Kristen and I cracked up! Too funny. He was also funny at the carpet squares as he noticed someone picking their nose, “Don’t pick your nose! Don’t! Don’t do it! Stop picking your nose!” I love when someone else takes the reins as boss for a time, making my job easier. Thanks for keeping us in line, Jace. 

I also noticed Marshall as he squeezed glue out in a cute little happy face on the back of his ghost face just before gluing it on. I asked him, “Did you just draw a happy face with your glue?” He looked as if I had just discovered an inner secret by mistake. He dropped his head in embarrassment, “Yes.” “Good job! I love that! It’s so cute!” Then, I watched him turn it over and smile as he pressed it to the plate. I adore that quiet little Marshall. He has completely stolen my heart with his sweet quiet ways! It is remarkable how something, no matter how small, that I get an opportunity to see or hear from one of these little ones at school, can bring such a smile to my face and burn such a sweet impression upon my soul as to endear them to my heart. These are the rewards of being allowed to hang with the most perfectly aged people on the planet. They are priceless. Thank you for entrusting them to me. I love them so.

Niki was full of information for us this week. She told us she watched a movie of a really ugly, ugly girl. We laughed and laughed. The next day she told us that her chicken, Alice died. “She got an egg stuck in her.” Then she asked me, “How does a chicken get an egg up her?” Ummm…My goodness! The questions I have to field at preschool! Ha!

We had a chance to hear what each had plans to dress up as for Halloween. The holiday excitement is building. Plan for your child to wear a costume on Halloween day to school. We are planning a festive time together ending in a parade around the cul-de-sac. We look forward to that.


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