Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Scary cats, cackling witches, spooky bats, and a crazy cook! It's black week!!

Things are getting a little spooky around here! We are getting ready for Halloween!

Black Week was very fun, especially as we introduced our Halloween songs. One, in particular ends by singing, “IT will come and PULL YOUR HAIR!!! Of course, I have to circle around and pull as many heads of hair as I can before the song runs out. Ahhhhhh!!! Maybe by the end of the month, your child will have learned this song so well, that you might be protecting your head! Ha, ha! Stay tuned for our fun video of all our Halloween songs and activities!

Monday, we learned our black song and our number 7 poem. The children are really getting very good and reciting these poems. I love to hear them chant together! 

Seven Poem:
Across the sky
and down from Heaven,
That's the way to make a seven!

We also introduced Letter Cc. We sang about the ‘crazy cook in the corner cafĂ©’ and we found lots of Cc words. Ask your child about the crazy cook and you might just get to hear a very fun story. We found lots of black things to talk about, cats, hats, bats, bugs. Gracelyn said the lines on a bee were black. Katelyn said a fly was black and Tanner said a TV was black but Bradley corrected him and said, “only when they are off!” Thank goodness we have Bradley to keep us all in line. He is very sober and I don’t think he has made a single mistake in his entire life. We need Bradley to keep the rest of us responsible. We love him!

We colored a very black cat and played a fun candy corn counting game, more letter Cc words, and the children were able to use their new number skills to identify and count while enjoying the rewards of a sweet treat.

Wednesday, we traced hands and created a very fun bat against a bright yellow moon. The children especially loved shaking red glitter into the deep-set eyes of the bat to make him very spooky! Ahhhh!
Aren't these bats just the cutest? Make one for your own preschool or just for fun with toddlers! Check out our how-to here.

Thursday, we colored a very black hat for a green, warty witch to wear. We attached her to a stick with the cat and created a fun singing prop. I hope you got a great rendition of “The Mean Old Witch”! Hang on to the prop. We will be singing that song all month, and renditions will be improving daily. Ha!

Next week will be White Week and we will be celebrating with ghosts, skeletons and ghouls. We look forward to a fun week.

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