Saturday, September 17, 2016

Red, White, And Blue. American Week!

Now, that my out-of-town family has just shoved off, I find myself in a nice quiet home to recap our American Week. This week is a favorite of many and I appreciated hearing it from several American-loving parents. Dusty, Walter’s dad, was especially vocal. Having lost his own dear brother in Afghanistan, he knows first-hand, the cost of freedom and the precious blood spilt to protect, defend and serve our country. I loved his expressions of honor and great meaning. I would just like to add my own feelings of love for this free country and reverence all those who have participated to help in this cause. May God bless this nation of ours.

In school, we talked about many who had fallen and had given their lives for each one us and even how the father of our country prayed to God at Valley forge and lead his troops triumphantly into battle, being miraculously spared, securing our freedoms.

We particularly made mention of 9-11 and the sad day in which we lost so many Americans due to the “bad” airplanes and the events that followed. Jace was very moved by this story and shared his brave, strong feelings on the matter, “Well, I would just kick ‘em in the nuts!” This incited many to share their own tales of bravery. Ha! Don’t mess with this crowd! I wish I had written all of their threats and promises down, along with who may have made them, but honestly, I was still giggling about Jace’s initial statement! Thanks, Jace!

We sang and twirled in our American colors and everyone got to hold and wave an American flag while singing, “My flag, my flag, my country’s flag. I love to see you wave!…” We talked about Uncle Sam and what he represented and how he wants each one of us to love, serve, and protect this country. We talked about George Washington, the Liberty Bell, the parts of our flag and Lady Liberty. The children had fun coloring and creating red, white and blue patterns on the hat and bow tie for Uncle Sam. They did a fabulous job.

We also learned the number poem for 5 and found 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot. The revelation of having so many things of 5 was an astonishing event. “Wow! That is so cool!”

Number 5 Poem:
A big fat five is flat on top,
go down and around,
then you stop!

We have been learning America, the Beautiful as our flag song ever since the beginning of school, along with its sign language. While loading Benjamin in his car, I overheard his mom, Brittny, ask him if he had learned anything about America. He broke out in song, “America! America! God sent His face on thee!” So darling! Thanks, Benjamin. You made my day!

Wednesday, we painted an American eagle on a flag and twirled and waved and sang some more.

Thursday, we made our Statue of Liberty hats and the children squealed with excitement when they discovered they could each go home with their own bright torch of a cup cake in an edible cone. 

At the end of the day, I asked them all what they knew about America. “The Statue of Liberty!” shouted Scarlett. “The flag!” shouted Drew. Mason E. said, “America!” Six more in rapid succession, “The Statue of Liberty!” “The Statue of Liberty!” “The Statue of Liberty!” again and again and again! Does anyone else know anything else besides The Statue of Liberty? Quinn raised her hand, “When an eagle flies, it’s an American one!” Perfect!

Our "Lady Liberty Torches" were modified by using a simple cupcake recipe in ice cream cones. You can find a great tutorial here!

Our Statue of Liberty crowns were made with a blue paper plate with star punches glued on the front and red and white triangles glued on the back. They turned out darling and each little crown had it's own personality to go along with it. Some had great repeating A-B patterns and others were goofy with all sorts of patterns. We loved the all! 

Here is a little snippet of the many activities that happened during our Preschool American Week! Leave us a comment below and show us how you celebrated America.

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