Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shark Hat Tutorial

This is by far one of my favorite projects to do during our Blue Week at preschool. We try to implement all of the skills we've learned so far. Cutting on the line, gluing, and matching things together. So here is the fun tutorial to make one for your own little explorers.

 We start off with a basic triangle "newspaper" design hat. Need some help folding? Check out this similar tutorial here. Make it big enough for your ones head. Our's measured about 17 inches on the longest side. We then hole punched (reinforced with tape) and added elastic string.

This is the shark tail. You can draw your own similar one, or print out from the PDF below. If you print it on white, be sure to print two copies. Otherwise, just add another sheet behind and staple them together so you have two of the same cut outs as shown below. Remember don't cut the dotted line!

Next step is to glue the bodies to the shark "head" triangle hat. The dotted lines are designed to line up perfectly with the top of the triangle hat angle. Shown below. Begin gluing one to one side, and match up the other body on the flip side of the hat. Glue all loose pieces down.

The rest is pretty simple, just glue on the eyes and teeth. One eyeball on either side.

Finish off with the best part! TEETH! We designed the teeth to fit perfectly inside the triangle hat. Glue them on the insides of the hat and on either side.

Don't forget to put them on your little one's! We'd love to see how they turned out, post a comment below and show us how your recreated them!

If you need more blue week ideas, check out our whole blog post here for some more ideas including B-L-U-E songs!

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