Friday, September 9, 2016

Little Red Hen Hat Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to be crafted along side the Little Red Hen book. It is made for toddlers and preschoolers working on their beginning motor skills. Have fun with tracing, cutting, and using glue.
We began instructing the children to cut out each of their pieces. As you can see, we like to create thick lines for children to cut along and encourage children to "get on the line!!" We walked around and helped each child trace their hands in a dark black crayon and had them cut out that as well. "AH! Don't cut off the fingers!!"
The most fun part was giving instruction to the children and watching them make their own little chicken faces! Some had eyes up high, others down low. Some ended up as "Picaso Red Hens" We teach the children how to make tiny drops of glue and stay away from big gluey "lakes". This is the most fun part for us, seeing the development from the beginning of the year towards the end.
Below you can see our simple Little Red Hen Hat Tutorial.
Start with a red paper plate and cut off the bottom half as shown below.
This is where the children get creative! We encourage little parental involvement in this part of the process. A fun idea is to make one ahead of time while showing the child(ren) the directions, and then let the child(ren) follow along after from what they remember.
This is all pretty self explanatory from here on out! Just be sure the beak is folded in half so he'll have a little mouth to "cluck cluck" out of! It works best to staple along the outside of the beak so the children can cut the two layers together. Don't cut the fold! Get creative and make your hens "your own" with their own personalities. Another option is to do them on white paper and let children color in themselves.
Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 5.54.13 PM.png
Like I mentioned above, pretty self explanatory, but you can see here how our Little Red Hens turned out!
Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 6.00.45 PM.png
Don't forget the red hand print "comb" on top! The final step included stapling a white long piece of construction paper  around so each child could wear their hen hat and each be Little Red Hens! What a fun time we had during our preschool red week!
Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment with a link to your projects or tell us how you personalized your project!

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