Sunday, September 11, 2016

Green Week! Funny Freckled Frog Faces and Fancy Fishy Faces

Loved, loved Green Week! Even though it was only two days, the frog and the fish are some of my favorite projects. The kids just get such a big kick out of them! We sang and twirled around spelling and cheering for green. We named green things. Rudger and Drew said, “Leaves!” Quintin and Grace, “Trees!” Marshall named a cactus. Drew, broccoli. Lena and Scarlett, an apple. Bria named a frog, Tanner, a chalkboard. Isla, grass and Payson, an alligator. Emmett said, “Light sabers are green!” They are? “Well, some could be green!” Madden said, “I think a bed is green!” And Ammon, with his finger in an especially strategic position said, “Green boogers! They’re green!” Too funny!

We learned our number 4 poem and counted things that were four. We also introduced the letter Ff and the sound it makes and found lots of Ff words. Katelyn found freckles, Jane, finger, Nixon, Fuzzy, Marshall, frog, and Bria found fly. In preschool, an F word is fabulous and fine! Ask you children how to make a four and see if they remember our four poem!
Four Poem:
Down and Over
and down some more,
That's the way to make a Four!

Green Poem:
 G-R-E-E-N spells GREEN!
Green like a frog {ribbet!}
Green like a tree.
G-R-E-E-N spells GREEN!
Just like broccoli.

, we had such fun putting a funny freckled-face frog together. His blow-tongue was so fun. The children squealed! “Freckles! Don’t forget the freckles!”

 Each child couldn’t make his frog fast enough to receive a tongue! They were so excited! I thought the whole room would explode as we watched 24 fly-catching tongues flipping and flying in every direction! There are days when I wish all the parents could be a spot on the wall just to witness such fun times in action. This was one of those. We also sang about speckled frogs on specked logs and read a fun story about catching a fly.

Watch the funny freckled frog face video here!


The children are doing so well cutting on a line. I am most impressed with how so many of them have really improved since the first day of school. I hardly had to say, “Stay on the line!” I hope you noticed your child’s cutting and gluing abilities. Each project was completed solely by them, well except for the hot glue on the stick, but I am loving what I am seeing!
Navy, who is always peppering me with questions asked, “So, why are they called ‘fun sheets’?” I answered, “Because they are so fun!” That simple explanation made her face light up as if she had discovered something amazing, “Ohhhhh!” What’s not to love about that? Oh, these sweet children! I love hanging with them! They are so dang cute!

, we colored stripes on a fish. I asked the children to color as dark as possible in an effort to make those stripes pop with brilliancy. They did not disappoint. Pushing hard, they worked and worked to fill in all the white places. The teeth were especially tricky to cut out, so we lost a few of those along the way, but for as new as they all are at cutting, this was an ambitious project. I noticed one fish tail was completely severed, but for the most part, “Good job!” After cutting, we had such fun decorating them with sparkling sequins. Some were determined to have a really fancy fish. “More sequins, more!”

Then, for the fun part. While their sparkly fishy scales dried, we gathered at the carpet squares. I folded the fish together for them to see how to display a simple striped fish. “Look! I’m a cute little fish, swimming, swimming, swimming…” and then I opened the fish, “Ahhhhhh!” telling them they could take this fish home and scare someone. I repeated it several times. Once again, the room exploded! They squealed with anticipation and sad but true, I only managed to record one above the rest. Quintin exclaimed, “This is going to be awesome!” I giggled with delight! These are the payoffs I cherish most.

We sang two fun fishy songs and read a very fun fish story about how a boy fed his fish too much. Ask your child about Otto, the fish and Mr. Carp. You may enjoy what you might hear.

Miss Kristin wrote down this from Rudger, who is never want for something to say. “You have boo boos!” Miss Kristin responded, “Me? Well, I’m a mom!” “Oh yeah! Mrs. McClure has boo boos, too!” Thank you, Rudger. Such an observant child! Ha!

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