Friday, September 9, 2016

Blue Week & Free Tutorials

Blue week was great as we sang about blue, twirled around and spelled B-L-U-E! We found blue things in the world; the sky, the ocean, even Jacob’s eyes are blue! Ask your child to spell blue or sing our blue song. Very fun! We also learned our poem for number 3 and we found things of three. Three Little Kittens, Three Pigs, and we learned a finger play with three bowls, three chairs, three beds and three bears. Ask your child to tell the story of The Three Bears. Help them get started, “When Goldilocks went to the three bears’ house…” You may be amazed and amused!

Three Poem
Around the tree,
Around the tree!
That's the way to make a three!

B-L-U-E SONG (To the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)
B L U E spells blue
B L U E spells blue
High Ho, Oh don't you know?
B L U E spells blue

The big sky is blue,
The ocean is too!
High Ho! Oh don't you know?
B L U E spells blue!

Monday, we painted hands and turned a handprint into a ship with sails. We added blue ocean waves and a few clouds in the blue sky. Most clouds floated sweetly in the sky while a few drown in the ocean and a few sails pretended to be clouds. I love to watch the children execute after instruction. I promise, as they all become more familiar with instruction time, their projects will show great progress. In the meantime, enjoy your treasures. They will never look this sloppy, this crooked or this twisted and raw ever again. By spring, we will never get to see a mouth stuck to a forehead or hanging from an ear!

Watch the full video here!

Wednesday, we built boats and set them a sail in pools of water in my backyard. The children had great fun pretending to be the wind, blowing their boats across the ocean. 

Then, we left our boats afloat and prepared for battle by grabbing loaded cannons. We ran back outside. Ahhhh! You sank my battleship! Great fun!

Watch the full sail boat video here!
Thursday, we turned a big blue triangle into a shark with rows and rows of sharp white teeth. Then, we glued on 

fishy white eyeballs and strapped them onto heads. 

Ahhh! Sharks! Don’t eat the children! It was especially fun, as we had also read a story about Sammy, the shark, who chomps on everything in sight! “Sammy, don’t eat the teacher!” Too late!

Watch the full shark day video!

We had a few delightful treasures this week that we raced to jot down.  Miss Kristin has great ears and is ever vigilant and especially helpful.

We discovered some ants in the backyard on Monday. Once again, Tallin was most helpful with his wisdom and advice, “You have to kill the shween, if you want to kill them all! I may never say queen any other way. From now on, it shall always be a shween! I’m still giggling about it!

Miss Kristin was helping, “Navy, we need to be nice to everyone!” “Well, my brother, Beckham, hits me sometimes, and I like it!” We laughed and laughed!

Regarding Talli’s budding romance with her boyfriend, Benjamin (the handsome one!). Ivy just happened to be sitting next to Benjamin on the carpet squares, obviously in Talli’s coveted spot. So naturally, Talli asked him, “So, is this your new girlfriend?” Sweet Benjamin was diplomatic, good and wise, “You’re both my girlfriends!” I swear, that Talli, is determined to be married before the end of the year! Too funny! Benjamin is so sweet and patient to be doted on so lavishly. It is such a sweet thing to watch.

Embree was telling me that she had an appointment for the dentist, “They will numb my cheek, but the best part of my life is the piggy part! They put a pig nose on me and it smells so good!!

After hearing it several times, Rudger asked me, “What does ‘darling’ mean?” Every year, I have to educate small children as to what the word, “darling” means. “Darling means you are precious! It means that I love you!” I guess this dates me. Only an old granny like me would be calling them my darlings!

Have a nice long weekend with your families! They never stay young enough, long enough! They are perfect, now! Let’s enjoy them while we can!
Blue week was a long full week of a lot of fun activities and learning! We really enjoyed each day.

Leave a comment below and share your experiences with blue week! We'd love to hear.

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