Monday, March 13, 2017

Shamrock Week {Sh} Sounds

Shamrock Week sure shaped up to be a shocker! I will apologize if this email feels a little R-rated, but it got a bit sticky shouting out Sh words. As the children sounded out the sound of Sh, they shushed until they shouted out Shark! Ship! Shamrock! Shell! Sheep! Ben shocked us all by innocently shouting the word, shhhh-t! What? “Sh-t!” Um, maybe we should find a different word. How about shut or shift? Shelf? Show? Shomething else! Sheesh! It went un-noticed except for the giggling adults in the room! Ha! Actually, last year’s experience was close to the same. That word  seems to find its way into Sh week, the same way “poop” finds its way into Brown Week. They are four! Right?

We talked and sang about leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Monday's leprechaun project turned out great. Niki and Gracelyn loved how the leprechaun’s eyes peeked out between his hat and his beard, “He’s so cute!” they said.

We had some time for team reading games, so I suggested we use Sh names. Once again, Ben offered his special word, “How about the Sh-ts?” “Ben… that’s not a good word.” “Oh!” So, we went with the Sharks and the Shams, allowing the winning Sharks, 6 to 4, to line up first. That afternoon, the Shamrocks beat the Sheeps, 9 to 8! We also used the Sh in our flag salute song, turning Brooklyn into Shooklyn, Susy into Shoesy, and Davis into Shave Us! Such fun shushing! Everyone giggled at every name.

Wednesday, we filled a pot with gold coins to place at the end of a beautiful rainbow of Fruit Loops. The children did a wonderful job sorting and lining up all of the correct colors in a row to form a colorful rainbow. They were all masterpieces worthy of your walls for at least a week. That day, the Shoes beat the Ships, 9 to 8 and the Shocks beat the Sharks, 8 to 6. I tried once again to stump our great readers. Brig could not be tricked and read the word ‘shamrock’ without blinking. Emmett requested a ‘really hard word’. He quickly read the word, ‘shock’, with ease, and complained, “That’s not even a hard one!” I cannot keep up with these great readers! Ahhhh!

Thursday, we cut lots of green paper shamrocks out to build a fun reading game. As the children dove into their cutting project, Ben remarked, “Mrs. McClure! I love cutting!” Jace added, “I do, too!” I said, “That’s because you have all gotten so good at it!” to which Jace answered, “I know!” I love that these children are finding joy in their successes. I love that they are enjoying their work and taking pride in their mastered skills. We spent time listening and watching each child read through their shamrock words. Some of the accomplished readers jumped in to watch and help others. Niki was an especially great helper. So cute! She stepped up as the self-appointed director, organizing other readers, “You help him over there! I’ll help Grace over here!” Sooo great! But it turned out that Grace didn’t need much helping. These children are all doing so wonderfully! I am so proud of them. Being a ‘second year veteran’ in preschool, Niki has found remarkable confidence. While I was instructing everyone about the leprechaun and the maze on their fun sheets, she helped direct us all to the shamrock at the end, “Mrs. McClure! I know the password!”

I hope everyone has a wonderful time together as families during our Spring Break. I heard about some of your family plans. And Navy offered us her information, “I’m going to California tomorrow and all my swimsuits fit me!” Awesome! Someone else is going to California to play in the “snow”. Darn, I can’t remember who!

We will plan on seeing everyone back on Monday, after Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day! Have fun! Be shafe! Shee you later!

Much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
Miss Kristen
Miss Julie, too!

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