Monday, March 13, 2017

Letter {Jj} Week

We jumped in and out of Jj Week in a jiffy with just two short little days to report on. We did manage to find some great Jj words like juice, jungle, jaguar, jam and jug. Adelyn offered drip as a J word pronouncing it “jrip” and Emmett was certain that Drew spelled his name with a J, “Jrew” but after rocking their little worlds and setting them straight, we carried on with jack-o-lantern and jelly bean. Each year, we discover new words to help straighten out. As a child, I remember learning that jore was drawer. “What? How can it be drawer? I’ve been saying jore all my life!” Ha!

I truly wish all of you could have seen the jellybean sorters in action. Because we just had a sorting lesson with valentine hearts the previous week, these children all took off without a hitch, sorting and grafting with ease. We had extra time for letter games and team reading where the Leprechauns beat the Alligators 10 to 7 and the Violins beat the Go Toros 9 to 8. The rising scores are an indication that more students are reading more words, which I loved seeing. Great job readers! Brig continues to amaze us with his command of large words. I gave him a six-letter word in an effort to challenge him and he read it in a snap! I am so proud of our amazing readers!

Thursday, our reading game included letter J in every word, so it gave the children lots of chances to sound out letter J. We used all of those J words again in our reading game, too. I strongly encourage you to pull out that game again and again to review letter J. Many of the children got J and G mixed up and catching it early with continual correction could be the ticket to solving a lot of confusion for your child. I know what you’re thinking… “Not my child!” Brace yourselves. You may get a JOLT!

I have been extremely busy since October in a huge production process to celebrate the 140th year of pioneers settling the Lehi Valley here. I had been asked to write and direct a musical and since then, life has not slowed down since. With auditions through November and rehearsals three times a week through January and February, we are closing in on the climax of what this will be. If you are not familiar with the tradition of “Lehi Days” here in the valley, let me invite you to a week of wonderful family activities and fun.

See you next week when we concentrate on Letter Q. Quinn and Quintin will especially love it! Quite!

Much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
Miss Kristen

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