Monday, March 13, 2017

Valentines Party Week

Our week began by celebrating Valentine’s Day with a great party. I loved that many children arrived wearing reds or pinks adorned with hearts to add to the fun without even being prompted to do so. The children brought in they personally signed valentines and we had a great time passing them to each member of the class, “Will you be my valentine?” and then, thanking each for what they all received. So polite. Sooo sweet. Miss Kristen and I got our share of very special valentines, too. We feel so very loved and appreciated. Thank you!!! Walter was thrilled with the party, “This is the best day of my life! No homework!” Ha!

We frosted Miss Connie’s very famous cookies and each child chose a certain sprinkle to shake on top. As we were spreading and decorating, I stopped to tell everyone how wonderful the cookies were, “Miss Connie made these especially for us! She is Talli’s Aunt. Talli call’s her, ‘Aunt Connie!’ Isn’t that right, Talli?”  To which she replied, “Can we just focus on the cookie?” putting us all back on task as we giggled and I quickly recorded that adorable remark. Thanks, Talli. We also heard from Gracelyn, who expressed her very strong opinions to Abby, sitting next to her, “My name is Gracelyn! You keep forgetting! I NEVER forget my name!!!” These little girls are definitely large and in charge!!! Ha! We laughed and laughed! They certainly love to have their say! It keeps us all on our toes.

We played Valentine Bingo and captured the chance to have many winners earn prizes, barring their duty to pay attention and place candy hearts in the correct space! We had a great time. And, in the end, everyone felt like a winner when they each marched out the door with their big bags of loot and valentine wishes and prizes. It was a fun day, “The best day of our lives!”

Wednesday, we learned about letter Yy and yipped and yelled about letter Y with his karate and yoga! Ask your child about letter Y’s yelling. You might get and earful! Yep!

We worked on a Yummy Tummy reading game. The children are really getting exited about reading. They beg to play reading games, even when it’s not a Thursday. So, when Show-N-Tell goes quickly, we steal us a little time to squeeze a game in. I love the chance to “strike while the iron in hot” and take advantage of this enthusiasm to read in these little ones. So many times, that chance is lost when they grow a bit older, but now is the perfect time. They are so like little sponges. They beg for it and I can’t get enough of it, either. I tell them, “You’re doing it!” and see astonishment in raised eyebrows and sprouting smiles of gratification and amazement in them, “You just read that word!!! You are so good!” I love it! I love it!

Miss Kendra was there on Thursday to help with yummy hamburger puppets. We love Miss Kendra. Some of you may remember her. She was a teacher with us for 6 years, back when her children were young. We love when we get a chance to invite her back to school. She played some reading games with the children and while I was away at Connie’s son’s wedding, the Dogs beat the Cats 7-6 and the Ironman team lost to the Teamers 6-7.

Much, much love to you all!

Mrs. McClure
Miss Kristen
And Miss Kendra, too!

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