Monday, March 13, 2017

Letter {Kk} Week

Letter Kk kept us counting Kk words, especially those from the land down under, koalas, kangaroos, and kookaburras. We talked about how Letter Kk is a copy cat. It copies Letter Cc like that!

Monday, Embree had a random thought. “I think my dad is 58 or something like that.” Ha! Sorry, Brett! We created a gum tree with gum drops and we placed a kookaburra in it as we sang the “Kookaburra” song. We sang it and sang it and talked about the king of the bushes and Austrailia.

Wednesday, we decorated a crown and made a king’s scepter. As we sprinkled glitter, Grace said, “She’s going to put some magic on your scepter!”  Nixon asked, “Is it real?” I answered, “No. It’s just pretend.”  I told them that when I was young, we loved to play a game called, King of the Mountain. Then, I asked what they would like to be king of. I told them I was king of the school because I was in charge. “I make the rules and tell everyone what to do. What do you want to be king of?”
Jace: I want to be king of the world! Gracelyn: I want to be King of the cats! And little kittens, too!
Bradley: I want to be King of Computers! Brooklyn: I’m King of Computers! Drew, “I want to be King of the Bears! I tell the bears what to do! I told them to kick the wall.” To which Mason D added, “He must have holes in his house!” Ha! Then, the whole classroom exploded with ideas. (in both classes) Just for fun, here’s the list of all who participated.
Kensi: Leopards! Brig: Kings! Jacob and Trey: Lions! Londynn: Butterflies! Navy: Unicorns! Quintin: The Ocean! Madden: Kids! Niki and Walter: King of the Mountain! Ben: Snow! Ethan: Flowers! Emily: King of Hearts! Sam: Zebras! Bria: Giraffes! Quinn: Elephants! Talli: King of Lightning! Tanner: King of the Sun! Ridge: I want to be King of Puppies! Katelyn: The Zoo! Adalyn: King of the Princesses! Karina: I’ll be King of Queens. Lena and Brody: Horses! Marshall: I want to be King of the Road! “Hey! That’s a song!” I wanted to bust out in chorus with Roger Miller’s song singing, “I’m a man of means, by no means, king of the road!” Ha! Probably way before any of your days, but I sang it anyway to amuse myself! Mason D, “I want to be King of the Bushes!” I asked, “Like the kookaburra?” “Yes!” But Grace said,  “No! He can’t be king. I’m King of the Bushes!” Tolson added,  “Um…I think I’ll be King of the Bushes.” “Nooo!” they protested. “Ok. I’ll be King of the Cheetahs! Tallin: I just want to be King of the Houses. Then, I said, “This is all pretend. Who do you think is the REAL King of the World?” A resounding, “Jesus!” “God Is!” “Heavenly Father!” Good children! Great discussion.

Thursday, we made kites and flew them outside. Great fun. I was hoping for some wind, but they had to run and make their own. That about sums up Letter Kk. We will send out calendars on Monday and learn about Letter Uu. We will be talking about the groundhog and watch to see if he will see his shadow or not this year.

Thanks to all for your love and support. Have a great weekend. Much love to all.

Mrs. McClure
Miss Kristen, too.

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