Monday, March 13, 2017

Letter {Qq} Week

I am finally finding the time and energy to write this email. With the past Lehi Days events, my week has been filled to the max. I think we served more than 3000 people yesterday at the barbeque, our biggest crowd ever.

Letter Qq was quite the quizzical letter in question. Qq just can’t quite quack, “Quh!” We flapped our arms and tried to quack all week, but we just couldn’t, “Quh!” We also sang our flag song with letter Q at the beginning of our names. We giggled with almost every one, and Quaxon,  Quiki, and Queena were especially fun. Quit it! Ha!

Monday, we colored a beautiful queen and sewed around an AB patterned quilt. The children were so great, choosing their own two colors to make their patterns with. I did not need to give any added instructions. We have practiced AB patterns so many times, that I stood and watched it all unfold before my eyes. It was poetry in motion. I love it! I love it! Then, the children carefully laid their quilts over their queens and quietly, put them to bed. “Good night, dear queen! (kiss!)” Okay, some omitted the kiss, but it was all very sweet!

We read a story about finding a pet for a queen. So, I filled the last 5 minutes of class with questions about queens. “What kind of pet would you get for a queen?” Mason E said, “A dog…a baby one!” Bria qualified that, “A service dog!” Niki suggested, “A little fluffy puppy with fur on his face!” Mason D offered, “A cow would be a good one!” Grace said, “A cat would be good! Jaxson announced, “I have a cat! His name is Pugley!”  Brig added, “A dog would guard the castle! Brody added, “But, if it’s a cat for a queen, put spikes on it!” And Emmett ended it by saying; “Knights are better, because they have armor!” I love our discussions! That day, the Queens beat the Cookies, 7-4 and the Quicks slaughtered the Quinns, 10 to 5. I tried once again to stump Brig, but he sounded out the word ‘quarter’ and led his team to victory! That boy can read anything!

Wednesday, we made a crazy queen, coloring her as crazy as possible. The children loved this project and couldn’t wait to explore their own creativity, “Look at mine!” “Don’t you think mine is crazy?” “I’m going to give her a swirly-dude face!” So cute! That day, the Quarters beat the Quacks, 10-7 and the Quacks beat the Quicks, 9-8! And Brig read ‘quitter’ for the win! As the children waited on the small wall for their parents to arrive, Navy found a small rock from my neighbor’s yard in my grass, “Oh no! Brother McClure is not going to like this!”

Thursday, we colored a dinosaur book, trying carefully to keep the same dinosaurs on each page the correct color, a tricky exercise. The children did a wonderful job. Then, the Quilts beat the Quests, 10 to 6. Niki said her birthday was in 10 years. And Ammon announced, “I’ve been reading my books! 44 pounds!”

The children are doing such a great job reading during our games and the tally of books keeps mounting. I am absolutely thrilled. I love watching this whole process happen. It fills me to no end!

Next week is Shamrock Week and we will be talking about leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold as we learn about the combining of letters s and h. We look forward to that. Please be aware that the following week is Spring Break and we will not have school during that entire week. Thank you so much.

With each week that passes, we love your children more and more. We live up close and personal with each one of them, practically in their faces most of the time and we get to know and love them as our own. I always feel so fortunate to be trusted and blessed to hang with these perfect little people. I love them so!

See you on Monday!

All my love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
And Miss Kristen, too!

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