Monday, April 17, 2017

{Ch] Week

It is hard to believe we are at the end of March. March has certainly ‘marched’ in and out in a blink!

Our Ch week was challenging having to sound out Ch words. Check it out! We chose words such as chair, chain, chat and chicken. Church was especially good, beginning and ending. I told them about Chuck E. Cheese and Cubby Checkers. They thought that was funny.

Monday, the children created a game to choose whether a chip was chugging like a choo-choo or sounding like a ship. The children did a wonderful job of choosing. Walter was so adorable in his assessment, “It’s sheep like ship! Batta-boom! Batta-bing! See?” Too cute!

Wednesday, we had a chick game, choosing c and ch words. Again, the children did a great job choosing. The older children are loving the chance to hover over another child while helping them to choose the correct answer. I don’t even have to ask for helpers anymore. They just finish and begin helping. It is darling to watch. Niki is especially helpful, as she is almost always the first to finish.

Here are more fun things we recorded:
We celebrated Embree’s birthday and she told me a secret. “I gave a list to my friend so she would know what things to get me for my birthday.”

Madden said, “When I push my thumb backwards, it hurts!” Don’t put it backwards! “Oh! Okay!”

Niki told me, “I know your house is in the garage!”

As we lined up our book readers, we announced that Jane had read 354 books already and we all cheered! Lena shouted, “Jane will get flies!” I corrected her, “No, not flies, prizes!”  “Oh!” We all laughed! Great job, Jane!

Thursday, we made cheeping chickens, which were very cute, and the Chips beat the Chocolate Cookies 9-8 in a tie-breaker face-off with Niki and Emmett. Emmett read the word just a milli-second ahead, clinching the win. Great reading, you two! We also had time to do the chicken dance in the afternoon class. Very fun!

My book has been out since January and I have been waiting for Amazon to correct its post of being “Out of Print” before I announced it to all of you. Maybe if they had more inquiries for it, it might make the difference. I don’t know. If any of you are interested, it is the reading method I use to teach your children their letters and sounds. It is very helpful for children learning to sound-blend and read. The name of the book is “Rhett and The Alphabet”. I noticed Abby brought her copy to school this past week for Show-N-Tell.

We hope to hear from Emmett this week. His mom, Brittney has been waiting to have her baby any day now. We wish her well.

I have had trouble connecting with my contact for a fire station fieldtrip. I’m not sure we will be able to fit that in this year. Bummer!

Next week is Zz Week and we will be talking all week about letter Zz. See you tomorrow!

Much, much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
Miss Kristen, too!

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