Monday, April 17, 2017

{Nn} Week

I was beginning to wonder if Nn Week was ever going to get reported on. If I were to ask the children, they would answer, “Nnn-nnn!” We learned that that was letter N’s answer for everything! No! Never! “Nnn-nnn!” I asked them to pretend to be letter N. I asked if they wanted an ice cream cone, to go to the park, to get a million presents for their birthday, even to go to Disneyland. They just answered, “Nnn-nnn!” Stubborn letter N! We found lots of Nn words. Not, now, nut, need nothing, not nice, to name a few, and of course, noodle necklace, which the children made in an ABC pattern on Monday. I was most impressed with the expertise of each child, placing the correct color of noodle on the needle at the necessary time. Nice!

Wednesday, we sang a song about building a nest and then we built one. I asked the children if they could build it without hands, as a bird does using only feet and mouths. The answer was in true letter N fashion, “No! Never!”

We placed three eggs inside with mother bird, sitting on top, as our song directed. We also got to hear a few stories about birds and nests. Fun day.

Thursday, we created a color word, bird game. The children had fun matching the colored birds with the words in the nests. We had a great time. We had time for one reading game where the Naps beat the Nones, 7-5.

Tomorrow, we will dye eggs and decorate our bunny baskets in preparation for the big egg hunt on Thursday. We are excited for a fun filled week of eggs and Easter things to celebrate letter Ee.

See you then!
Much, much love and devotion,
Mrs. McClure
And Mrs. Julie, too!

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