Thursday, December 1, 2016

DIY Thanksgiving Pillow Case Indian Costume

Our Indian costume making day started off with each child getting to pick between a sun or rain decal to pain onto the front of their costumes. Or some even tried to get away with doing both!

For the main costume, we had most of it all ready to go. We tie-dyed the fabric beforehand. We added the orange fringing to the neck. You can either sew or hot glue it on. We also had it all cut and sized with the waist tie sewn on. The costume is a smaller sized pillow case with a head hole cut out of the sewn end, two arm holes that we cut some strips into, the bottom cut off and made into a tie around sash, and more strips cut into the bottom.

The head band was some more of the pillow case fabric with some elastic sewn on and feathers glued onto the back.

 We had the costumes set on boxes (milk boxes from Costco) and ready to paint into a sun or rain when the children arrived.

For the headband, we had them paper clipped to a flat piece of cardboard and ready to paint.

If you're wondering how we get just about 50 three and four year olds all painting  with almost no messes, we use this nifty hack! Just hot glue a cup down to a plate and put the paint inside! No knocking over cups! Then we used these handy "paintbrushes" to paint with.

 We think they turned out pretty great and made the perfect additions to our Preschool Thanksgiving Feast! Don't forget to see our post all about it!

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  1. Gail, Sam has loved this costume! He has a big sister with lots of girly dress ups. So when he brought it home he happily told me he can dress up like a boy Indian now. Thanks!!