Friday, January 27, 2017

{Ll}ion Week

Love, love, loved Lion Week and learning lots about letter L. We made our tongues stick to our upper lips and everything started with L. La, la, la, laaaah, la, la, lah! Look lhow lood Ly low lis letter! We found words like lips, light, lamp, lamb and lion.

The children especially enjoyed the Lion Hunt! Miss Kelsey was there to video the hunt.


We read a very fun lion story about Hubert, the lion, how he lost his mane, and how he got it back. It is one of my favorites. I love Bill Peet books. 

We painted a lion face on Wednesday, but had to wait for it to dry the next day. 

Thursday, we made a paper lion mane to hold up against our faces with a stick. We had to roll the ends of each strip to make a curly mane. Some of the children found this more difficult than others. Embree gave everyone some excellent advice, “Roll it like a cinnamon roll!” I don’t know who taught he how to make cinnamon rolls, but that girl’s got skills! They were so cute.

That’s it for our very short week of letter L. We earned it after that big, big week of Letter H. Huh-uh-huh! Ha!

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